Advanced Sleep Tips – Beyond the Basics

Advanced Tips for Troubled Sleepers

At Yankee Mattress, we know getting to sleep can be tough sometimes. For some people, the basic guidelines might not be enough to send them off into the deep sleep they’re looking for. Just like mattresses, everybody’s sleep environment needs are different. Maybe you need a little something extra that you hadn’t considered – or maybe you suffer from insomnia. The National Sleep Foundation and the National Institute of Health have a few more sleep tips that might be the key to get you back on track to a great night’s sleep.

  1. Make sure that your sleeping space is ONLY for sleeping. This might be difficult with the temptation to watch TV or browse your phone until you’re drowsy. However, screens are often the things that keep people awake all night. Screens such as TVs, phones, or tablets expose our eyes and brains to blue light, which trick our bodies into thinking that its daytime, disrupting our body’s natural sleep rhythm. In addition, when you spend time in bed doing non-bed-activities, your brain doesn’t associate it with comfort and sleep. Training your brain to associate the bedroom with relaxation and sleep will help you more easily get into a habit of readying yourself for bed, whether you realize it or not.
  2. Stop stressing about sleeping. If you’re having a hard time getting to sleep, it’s A-OK to get back out of bed until you’re ready to go. This is an optimal time to do something quiet and relaxing, like reading a book, meditating, or even having a warm bath. On top of reinforcing your brain’s association with sleeping when you get in bed, this will help you burn off a little extra energy that might be contributing to your sleeplessness.
  3. Get some good vitamin D exposure during the day. Making sure you get some sunlight (or use a light therapy lamp) for at least 30 minutes a day will help reinforce your natural circadian rhythm and will help coax your body into producing melatonin as it begins to get dark.
  4. Make sure you have the right accessories. The mattress you’re on is 2/3 of the battle, but what kind of pillow do you have? If you’re someone who’s prone to buying pillows based on cost or habit, try a different kind. A firmer latex pillow or a softer down pillow might be the final puzzle piece in getting your best sleep. And what about your sheets? If you’re a hot sleeper, try bamboo or silk sheets if you’ve never given them a chance. If you’re a cold sleeper, try a jersey knit set and see how much of a difference such a seemingly small change can make.

There’s all sorts of tricks you can use to help your body get ready for sleep – but if you are still having trouble falling asleep, try some of these out. If after that, you’re still not finding the right combination for you, check back here – we have more sleep tips to come.

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