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L&P Style

Head and Feet Articulation

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For those looking for more customized offerings, an adjustable base is a great option. It allows you to find the optimal position, either for sleep or for relaxing in bed. Being able to elevate the head and the legs helps with blood flow, minimizes strain on the neck and shoulders, and eases back pain and acid reflux. The Leggett & Platt Style base also offers head and feet articulation, an anti-snore button, which positions the body in a way to minimize snoring, and a zero gravity button, which provides a feeling of weightlessness and an improved sleep. Dual massage with wave technology, dual USB ports, and under the bed lighting offer a little luxury to the experience. Wallhugger technology ensures your nightstand is always within reach.

  • Head and feet articulation
  • Reprogrammable one custom, anti-snore, and zero gravity positions
  • Wallhugger technology that keeps your nighstand in reach
  • Dual massage with wave technology
  • Dual USB ports, under the bed lighting, and wireless remote w/ flashlight
  • Go flat button
  • Works on slats
  • Adjustable height: 8″ – 13″ (1″ increments)

From: $999.00

  BedTech iLift Leggett & Platt Style Leggett & Platt Ultra
App Enabled
Yes No Yes
Pillow Articulation
No No Yes
Hugs Wall As Raised
No Yes Yes
Massage With Wave Technology
No Yes Yes
USB Ports
No Yes Yes
Under Bed Lighting
No Yes Yes
Anti-Snore Position
No Yes Yes
Zero Gravity Position
No Yes Yes
850 lb. Weight Capacity
Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Legs
Yes Yes Yes
Works on Slats
Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Lay Flat
Yes Yes Yes
Lay Flat Button
Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Remote w/Flashlight
Yes Yes Yes
One Custom Setting
Yes Yes Yes
Head & Foot Articulation
Yes Yes Yes

1 review for L&P Style

  1. Shannon Burke

    Absolutely love our mattresses. We needed custom sizes for bunk beds in a camper. We brought the foam mattress from the camper to the store and they were able to get them spot on. They were odd sized and shaped to fit. Great customer service.

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