How To Find The Right Comfort Level


Comfort is not one size fits all.  Just because you sleep on your side, it doesn’t automatically mean you should have a medium or softer bed.  Just because you have a bad back, it doesn’t automatically mean you need a firm bed.  Each mattress is designed a little differently.  A medium to one manufacturer or in one collection, might feel similar to a firm bed in another.  Here are some tips to find the right comfort for you.

Go To The Store And Try It Out

Nothing can substitute physically lying on a bed.  It’s ok to go into the store with an idea of what comfort you like but keep an open mind.  The showroom manager will guide you on your journey to find the right comfort feel for you.  In many cases, the comfort you thought of going in is where you’ll land, but it doesn’t always work out this way.

When you lie on a bed, try to mimic how you would sleep at home.  Take off any jackets or padded items that you wouldn’t be wearing in bed.  These will certainly skew your comfort perceptions.  If you are a side sleeper, make sure to try the beds out on your side.  If you are a back sleeper, try the beds on your back.  You get the idea.

Lastly, when you lie on the bed, give it a few minutes so your body can settle in.  If you pop right up after 20 seconds, you might not get the most accurate gauge on the right comfort.

Don’t Assume Your Mattress Will Grow Into Your Comfort Needs

We get some people that say “this bed is a little firm, but overtime it will probably get less firm, so I will go with this one.”  Just like a new pair of shoes, a mattress will certainly break in overtime.  However, if you are buying a high quality mattress that uses the best materials and you are properly taking care of it, the feel should not change drastically overtime.  For example, don’t assume a firm bed will turn into a medium.  It’s firmness may wane a bit over a period of many years, but it will still be a firm bed.

Make Sure You Work With A Company That Can Adjust With You

Picking a mattress is not easy.  Lying on something in a store and getting it 100% right so that it’s comfortable sleeping through the night in the beginning, let alone the next 10 – 15 years, doesn’t always happen.  Make sure you get your mattress from a company that will ensure your comfort needs are being met over the life of your mattress.

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