Questions To Ask

Make the most of your time shopping for your new mattress by asking these questions while you’re in a showroom:

What does my spine look like?

Spinal alignment in bed is key to long-term sleep comfort.

What type of sleeper was each mattress collection designed for?

Collections each have an ideal sleeper in mind. Knowing this will help guide you toward the one best suited for you.

What are the product specifications and how is the bed made?

Besides the materials used, the attention to detail and the craftsmanship of how it’s made are important factors in getting the comfort and longevity you want. High-quality materials will give you the best comfort over the longest period of time. The major components of a mattress are:

The Coils: These provide the support layer for the mattress. Innerspring or hybrid mattresses that use coils will generally last longer and be more breathable than all foam mattresses. There are a few major types of coils:
Innerspring: The whole unit is one big piece of steel. These are sturdy and durable, but don’t contour to your body as well as pocketed coils.
Pocketed Coils: Series of individually wrapped coils. These provide better support as they contour to your body. These units also minimize motion transfer if one person is tossing and turning in bed.
Edge Support: These are types of pocketed coils with an extra layer of tiny firm coils around the edge. These provide better support when someone is sitting on the edge of the mattress.
Nano Coils: These are thin layers of coils that can get added to bigger coil units to provide even more support.
The Foam: Foam provides the comfort layers to the mattress. Here are some important things to ask about foams:
Density: This refers to the weight of the foam. Higher is better in terms of longevity, conforming to your body, and pressure relief. For upholstery foams, you want at least a 1.5 density. For memory foam, you want anything above a 3.
Motion Transfer: Memory foam is the best foam in minimizing motion transfer, as it sinks you in and conforms to your body.
Support: Latex is a supportive and durable foam.
Breathability: Latex is the most breathable foam, as it is designed with holes in it that allow for airflow.

What’s the proper long-term care?

These instructions are critical for extending the life of your mattress.

What’s the warranty?

Understand what it covers and how long it’s for.

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